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Marie Doherty Wellness

It's time to look inside so you can live a calm, happy and more balanced life.

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What Can I Help You With?
Some of the reasons you might want to work with me

Anxiety and Stress


Lack of Motivation

Change your life by MAGIC
We all need some MAGIC in our lives. MAGIC is my membership group. By joining this group, you will get tools, techniques and inspiration to begin to create the life you have always wanted. You will get the tools to deal with the anxiety and overthinking, the lack of motivation. In MAGIC you will have the chance to try all the tools and techniques I use. It's like a pick and mix of techniques. You will also have the support and the accountability required to push you to achieve all you want in life. For more details, click here

Don't settle for ok. Take control.

What do I offer? 
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Angel and Oracle card work

Breath work

Soul Coaching

Flower Essences


Soul coaching (group)

Free Resources
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Guide to living mindfully

Love Yourself in 4 Simple Steps Ebook


Stop Being so Hard on Yourself


How can I help you take control of every aspect of your life? 

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