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Happiness Coaching

It's time to take back control so you can live a calm, happy and more balanced life.


Are you a mum of teenagers? Can you see the empty nest scenario coming? Can you also see retirement looming in the distance?

As a teacher and a parent, this was where I found myself. I realised I had lost my identity. I was juast a mum and a teacher, my happiness depended on external events. I spent all my time trying to control all those external events but was getting more and more frustrated and unhappy. 

I found mindfulness and that was the beginning of my transformation. I added life balancing and EFT and now I no longer struggle to control external things. I no longer spend my life reacting to what happens around me. I have found happiness and purpose within. I am in control of my life and how I react to things that happen.

If you want to regain your control, book a free call with me below to see can I help you.

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