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It's time to take back control so you can live a calm, happy and more balanced life.


Are you a busy, working mum of teenagers? Do you spend the day running round doing everything for everyone else? Have you lost any idea about who you are and what you want? Can you see the empty nest scenario coming? Can you also see retirement looming in the distance?

As a teacher and a parent, this was where I found myself. I realised I had lost my identity. I was just a mum and a teacher, my happiness depended on external events. I spent all my time trying to control all those external events but was getting more and more frustrated and unhappy. 

I found mindfulness and that was the beginning of my transformation. I added life balancing, breathwork and EFT and now I no longer struggle to control external things. I no longer spend my life reacting to what happens around me. I have found happiness and purpose within. I am in control of my life and how I react to things that happen.

If you want to regain your control, book a free call with me below to see can I help you. Also see below for details of how to change your life by MAGIC!


Change your life by MAGIC
We all need some MAGIC in our lives. MAGIC is my membership group. By joining this group, you will get tools, techniques and inspiration to begin to create the life you have always wanted. You will also have the support and the accountability required to push you to achieve this life. For more details, click here

Don't settle for ok. Take control.

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