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It's time to look inside so you can live a calm, happy and more balanced life.


All my life, as far back as I remember, my life was controlled by fear. I spent my young life afraid of the end of the world, afraid people would die or disappear, afraid I wouldn't be accepted or loved, afraid any happiness I did feel would be shortlived. 
As an adult, for many years my life was unremarkable. I was living day to day. My days were filled with work and doing things for others. I lived on autopilot, still controlled by fear. I spent my days reacting to external events. I described my days as same old same old.
I saw other people and felt they were living great lives. In comparison my life was unremarkable. I had no identity, I was frustrated and I was unhappy.
I always blamed circumstances. I would do things except a, b or c was happening. I’d do things when I got my holiday, when the children were bigger etc – more and more excuses. I over thought everything - what if was a big part of my existence. I analysed what people said and did and how it might be directed at me. 
Then a number of things happened at the same time. I discovered meditation and mindfulness. I found a group of people looking for change in their lives just like me. This was the first step in my transformation. As time went on I added energy work, breathwork, essential oils, flower remedies, and EFT to the resources I had and used daily. The final ingredient was guidance and advice from the angels. This final ingredient made my life even more blessed. Knowing I could tap into divine guidance really made my life remarkable.
I discovered I have all the wisdom and resources I need inside to be happy and to live the  remarkable life I had all along. My life didn’t need to change, I needed to change. Now my life has purpose, I know my worth. No matter what each day brings it can be remarkable.

If you want to regain your control, have a look below to see how can I help you. Also see below for details of how to change your life by MAGIC!
Change your life by MAGIC
We all need some MAGIC in our lives. MAGIC is my membership group. By joining this group, you will get tools, techniques and inspiration to begin to create the life you have always wanted. You will also have the support and the accountability required to push you to achieve this life. For more details, click here

Don't settle for ok. Take control.

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