This weather isn't normality in Ireland but it's lovely!!

Last week, in Ireland, we had the outline of how things will begin to go back to normality and it got me thinking what is normality and is it a place we want to go back to?
Maybe we’ve been given a chance to evaluate what we called normality and to take the bits we feel enriched our lives (and the bits we have to take) and get rid of the bits that maybe lowered our vibration or drained us.
For me, I’ve been giving some thought to what I want my new normality to be. I feel I was caught in a rut of ‘modern life’. I was busy, busy, always rushing. At times, the things I was doing were unnecessary. I had my days filled with things – social media, TV, internet. I would go on the computer to do some work and maybe waste half an hour mindlessly scrolling. There was no purpose to it at all. I was in the mind-set that I was too busy to do things like cook proper food or take care of my health. I wanted a quick fix, I wanted convenience.
This time at home has given me a chance to stop, to read and to question. Why, when our bodies are built to be well and to be healthy has sickness become normal? Why, when we are so advanced and have so many devices to make life easier, is having no time to stop and think normal?
Therefore, what does all this mean in reality for me? I suppose I have already started on this journey but the last few weeks has convinced me I need to work harder. It’s time to focus on what matters – family, health, how we spend our time, community to name a few.

Family – we have all spent the last few weeks at home and in my case, I have spent it with my family. It definitely had its ups and downs but most of the time it was a great experience. When the busyness starts up again I want to make sure I continue to connect daily with my family and that we continue to talk and to laugh together.

Health – this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about. In recent years, we have all begun to accept sickness as normality, we have all taken medication to treat symptoms. Maybe it’s time to start treating causes, maybe it’s time to start treating the whole person, and maybe it’s time for natural solutions instead of chemical ones. I have always been a fan of the quick fix but the quick fix needs to be repeated over and over. I have started studying other ways to support my physical and mental wellness. I’m excited to share these with you as I learn more.

How we spend our time – time is the most precious thing we have. We have a duty to spend our time well. Spending time well looks different for different people. For me, I am blessed to have a job I love and will get back to soon I hope. I am determined, however, to continue to share what I’m learning with others as well. If it’s helping me then maybe it will help someone else too.

Community – Over these last few weeks, we have all seen the importance of community. Communities have all pulled together to help people who are vulnerable. I think it is important we keep the feeling of community. We’ve also seen community can have many forms – it can be virtual as well as in person. We’ve all experienced Zoom gatherings, even Facebook groups. To help me and anybody else who thinks they would benefit from it, I am launching my Facebook group on Monday next. It will be a place of encouragement and support for anyone who wants to go on this journey with me. It will be a place to find your dreams and then follow them, to take control over every part of your life especially your health and how you spend your time.
To start your journey download my Morning routine guide here. Next week, I will be emailing details of the group and how to join and also tips that helped me on my journey.


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