Life in lockdown has been challenging for everybody. For most of us, it has just been the idea of being confined and losing our freedom that has caused problems. Being forced to spend time confined with our thoughts can be scary.
I know for me, it forced me to take stock and to as I’ve said before I’ve been reflecting on how I live my life. However, although reflecting is important it doesn’t change things. The only way to change things is to take action. I've been thinking this last while about how I’ll take action as we move back towards normality again.

Three of the things I am going to work on over the next while are wellness, affirmations and action.

As I’ve said many times before, the emphasis has moved to sickness. We seem to ignore health until we get sick and then we need fixed. I’m going to try to move my emphasis to caring for my health and that of my family. I’m going to focus on the food we eat (though I don’t intend cutting out all the “bad” stuff 🤫!) and the natural things we can do to support wellness. I’m going to learn more about traditional remedies for when we do feel a little less well – things like herbs and oils. just begun my journey into herbal healing and it's fascinating.

I am using affirmations for a while now but this last while I have discovered that they are great for stilling my mind and bring me right back to the present moment when my mind gets over active. They help me not to get caught up in the cycle of negative thinking and over analysis. Living in the moment is one of the most beneficial things I’ve been working on recently. I have always been an over thinker.  I have always made assumptions about things that were happening – assumptions that generally led to me worrying or stressing about things, assumptions that generally ended up not even being true. Affirmations help me stop my thoughts, they help me control my own mind instead of letting outside events and other people control it. I have more work to do but I’m getting there.

One of my bad habits is procrastination. I’m very good at coming up with reasons and excuses not to do things, to put things off until tomorrow or next week. This is proving a harder habit to break. I realise now that every day is a gift. I am trying to make every day count. I have no intention of being productive all the time – I enjoy my chill out time far too much - but I am trying hard to scroll aimlessly a lot less and use more of my time wisely and productively. I have lots of plans.
If you are interested or feel that maybe you need some of these things I’d love you to join me on my journey at Inspiring Intentional Living

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