I had a whole blog post planned for this week but this isn’t it! This is an extra. This blog will be a little different.

I’ve spent the weekend at the virtual Young Living convention and, as seems normal for me these days, it has given me great food for thought. I have listened to inspirational people talk about essential oils, about a new way of living, about toxins, about health, about business building and many other things. I’m eight months into my Young Living journey and decided it was time to reflect.
For many years now, I have been interested and learning about holistic and traditional methods of wellness – crystals, oils, herbal remedies etc. etc. This is however, the first time I’ve had the opportunity to throw myself completely into it. As I learn more and meet more people who are on this journey longer than I am I have come to realise a number of things.

  1. This journey began for me as a dabbling into a few oils I liked. I always knew they were powerful but I suppose it was only as I began using them every day at home I realised just how powerful they actually are. I now have a cupboard in my house that is full of natural tools I can use to keep us above the wellness line. I’m no longer drifting blindly along paying no attention and then looking for quick solutions when we fall below the wellness line. I am now in control of the wellness in the house.
  2. As I travel, I realise that there are many sides to this holistic wellness. The oils have huge power but that power is increased if we change other things in our lives. I am now on a mission to rid my home of toxins. I began looking into the ingredients in some of the things I use and it is eye opening to read. Anyone who knows me knows I’m was never going to poison anyone with cleaning products (I’m going to declutter as part of my journey!!) but now I know I’m doing no damage at all. I am also looking at all the other things that contain toxins - e.g. make up and skin products. This will be a long process!
  3. There are many things I’m finding out that I don’t like, things I already knew but chose to ignore. These are things like processed foods and refined sugars are poisoning our systems. I love my sugar, my junk food and my convenience so this really doesn’t suit me. I’m not cutting out all the bad habits but I am certainly going to try to cut down. There’s no point in ignoring the facts even if I don’t like them. I may never become fully immersed in this lifestyle the way some other people (who I have come to know and respect a lot) have but every small change makes a huge difference.
  4. I never thought I could build a business but it has been great. I’ve learned so much about myself and have become more resilient, more focused and happier. I love helping people and this is the perfect fit for me. The idea I can help others do this too is just an added bonus. I’m doing things I never thought I could and I’ve met some great people and made some great friends along the way! This last couple of years I have been doing a lot of self-development and a lot of reading and learning about the laws of the universe(more on that to come at a later stage!) and they really have helped me so far. I know that without this knowledge I would not have come so far as quickly as I have. 
My journey is in the early stages and every day I am finding new things to learn. I am still very attached to my convenience and jumping completely into this whole life style absolutely terrifies me but I’m taking baby steps. I know I have a long way to go and I’d love your company.

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Now is the time to take action.


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