What is the difference between a good day and a bad day? Sometimes I think there’s no difference at all except our own attitude. That day when we sleep in, we never really catch up with ourselves, but is that because our mind is negative before we start?
The more I read and study, the more I realise that the books are all saying the same thing – we create our own reality. We attract what we think about. In the last few weeks I’ve been reading about a Hawaiian practice called Ho’oponopono and incorporating it into my life. The wisdom and knowledge has been handed down through the generations. It is all tied up with the spiritual laws of the universe. We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction but there are 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe. The seven principles of Huna are the Hawaiian roadmap for being. Two of these principles are very relevant to this post – Ike and Makia.

Ike – The world is what we think it is. So if we think the world is a negative place that’s what our world will become and if we think it is a positive place, that’s what it will be
Makia – Energy flows where the attention goes. What we spend our days thinking about or focusing on – either consciously or unconsciously – is what we will have in our lives. It is so important we take control of our attention.

I am conscious as I write that this might sound a bit woo woo if it’s new to you but it still gives us food for thought. If we are in charge of creating our own reality, why is everyday not a great day ?

What do we spend our time thinking about? When I started this I quickly realised I had no idea what I spent my time thinking about so I had no idea what I was attracting into my life. I was allowing events in my day and people I met to control how I felt and I suppose what I was thinking about. Somebody would say something or something would happen and I would react. I would maybe make assumptions about what they meant or I feel entitled to an apology or an explanation and my whole focus would become how hard done by I was. This then dictated how the rest of the day would go.

Now I make an effort to be conscious of my thoughts and reactions and not let events – maybe traffic or my children rowing or something I’m waiting for not coming – dictate how I feel. Of course, nobody can be positive all the time. We all have bad days. We all react to things and people but the more aware I’ve become the quicker I can turn things round. The whole day is no longer effected by one event.
Every day can go one of two ways. It’s up to me every day to decide what the day will be like. If it isn’t a good day then I need to look at why and how I can make it better for tomorrow.
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