Today’s modern lifestyle can be hectic. In fact, it seems we’ve been taught that being busy and on the run is a good thing. Sometimes, though, it simply becomes too much. The busier we get, the less productive we can become. This leads to feeling less fulfilled and more stressed. You can stop the cycle and gain control of your time by living a minimalist lifestyle. Take a look below to see how simplifying can help you find more time. 

Less Cleaning
You can reclaim a significant amount of time spent cleaning when you pare down your possessions. When you have more possessions, there’s more to clean. It’s easy to underestimate how much time you spend trying to clean and corral a ton of stuff. Consider time spent dusting small decorative items, putting away toys etc etc. Simplifying your life by keeping only the possessions that bring you joy can free up so much more of your time.

No More Searching and Sorting
When you have an abundance of stuff, you find out you also have a lot to search through. It’s easy to lose things when you have piles of belongings. There are other ways things can pile up and get out of control, too. What about your mail? Do you find yourself with piles of junk mail or spending hours on the weekend sorting through bills? Pare down your physical mail by removing your name from mailing lists or having your bills sent to your email instead. Save yourself the headache of trying to find lost things. Minimalism can help to free up hours of time and stress. 

Less Shopping 
When you make the conscious decision to own fewer things, that means you’ll shop less. Think of how much time you spend wandering stores and picking up items you really don’t even love. Not to mention the hours spent trying to decide on what to buy. A minimalist lifestyle teaches you to buy only the things you need and enjoy. You’ll no longer feel compelled to indulge in retail therapy or agonise over making just the right choices. You’ll know you can be satisfied with just a few quality items you truly need. Not to mention the time you’ll save choosing an outfit each day and washing clothes. When your wardrobe is minimal, it’s easy to decide what to wear. 

This is an overview of the ways you’ll find more time once you start simplifying your life and your home. You’ll discover your surroundings are more peaceful and easier to navigate. You’ll be able to use your time more efficiently and on the things that bring you happiness. 


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