We’re several days into our 30-day challenge, and I’d like to focus today on making sure you’re not feeling overwhelmed. Big changes in life can be incredibly exciting at first, but then things can feel scary or seem like too much. That’s okay. It’s natural to experience some worry when trying something new. Forming new habits takes a lot of effort, dedication and time. Here are a few things you can do to make the process less daunting. 

First Do the Easy Things 
If you’re chomping at the bit to get started, you can always begin by trying some of the easiest or most energising things first. Once you begin to tackle these activities, you’ll notice that you gain momentum. The next hurdles won’t seem quite as big once you’ve got a running start. So, think of some ways you can take on your new minimalism routine in a non-threatening way and then get started. For instance, maybe you’ve been wanting to clean out your closet, so you can revamp your wardrobe. That should be easy, and the reward will be replacing the old stuff you never wore with some new, carefully thought-out wardrobe pieces that you love. 

Do One Thing at a Time
Sometimes you may think you have to jump right in and immerse yourself in a new lifestyle. Unfortunately, this approach tends to backfire. It simply increases the overwhelm and is rarely sustainable. Rather than go gung-ho, try tackling one tough thing at a time. You’ve already identified some easy tasks you can incorporate into your new routine. Now it’s time to decide which one tough chore you want to tame. That’s it. Just one. Again, it’s a matter of building momentum to spur you on to future changes. It also helps you to get used to new habits so that they are reinforced and have a chance of truly sticking. 

Avoid All or Nothing Thinking
My last piece of advice is to avoid all or nothing thinking. This isn’t unusual when you take on something new. It’s related to the last point of wanting to jump right in and get started doing everything perfectly. All or nothing thinking leads you to believe that if you have a backslide or make a mistake, you should just give up. It’s also this type of thinking that tells you this unfamiliar lifestyle is just too hard or too much work. It urges you to give up before you’ve even really begun. Ignore all or nothing thinking, and you’ll be just fine. 

Keep these tips in mind when you start to feel overwhelmed. Most new routines are challenging. Take it slowly and be gentle with yourself. 


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