Hopefully, you’re starting to feel excited and assured about this minimalist journey you’re undertaking. Making changes in your life is empowering. However, sometimes, not everyone will understand your choices. That’s okay. If you want to help them to better grasp the concept, take a look at these tips for talking to loved ones about minimalism. 

Help Them Understand
The unknown can be scary. Your friends and family may simply not understand your new approach to life. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for the choices you make but providing a summary of minimalism and what it means to you can help them to better support your journey. They may feel you’re going to get rid of them or leave them behind. Reassure them that paring down gives you more time to focus on the things and the people that matter most to you. Be careful not to preach about how much better this way of life is, as that can alienate people, which is the opposite of your intent. 

Ask Them to Help You
People usually enjoy being helpful and supportive. Once you’ve explained the concept to them, you can choose to enlist the help of trusted people as you approach this new lifestyle. Explain that you don’t want to recruit them, but that you’d appreciate their support if they see you having difficulty with a particular aspect of minimalism such as purging unnecessary items or cutting back on purchases. This could be a way to help them better understand and to get onboard with your choices. 

Set Boundaries and Make Compromises
If the people you live with aren’t embracing minimalism, you will definitely need to communicate a great deal and establish some rules. You can still practice a minimalistic lifestyle in your own space and with your possessions. You may want to designate some spaces as your own and off limits to others, so that you can have a calming area for yourself. You’ll also need to compromise with regard to the common areas of the home and the possessions that are important to others who reside there. 

Focus on the Supportive Ones
Understand that not everyone will be supportive. Some may still not understand or agree with your new habits. That’s their prerogative. However, it will likely benefit you to focus more of your energies on the people who support and encourage you, regardless of their own feelings on the matter. 

Keep these guidelines in mind when talking to loved ones about minimalism. Be firm in your boundaries and feel free to communicate your needs. 


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