We’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to making intentional choices that improve our quality of life and make us happier in the long run. Finances play a large role in the concept of minimalism. How you choose to spend your money makes a difference with regard to what you bring into your life, both literally and figuratively. Think of all the material possessions you’ve purchased over the years. How many of them bring you fond memories? In many cases, they only end up bringing you clutter in the long run. Instead, I’d like to focus today’s post on the ways that spending money on experiences, rather than things, is often the better choice. When you make it about experiences instead of things, you’ll likely find yourself more satisfied.

Better Memories
As I’ve already mentioned, material possessions rarely bring long-lasting memories. You may look back fondly on a special gift you once received, but it’s likely the reasons for your emotional attachment is due to the giver or that fact that it was something you’d wanted quite a bit. Material things that bring us joy are worth buying, for sure, but most things won’t be remembered years later. On the other hand, experiences are the stuff memories are made of. Consider investing in a trip or an event to share with loved ones over something that will probably just end up sitting around the house. 

Less Clutter
While we’re on the subject of sitting around, most physical things just end up taking space. As you know, that’s the exact opposite of minimalism’s intent. You’re learning to choose to bring only the items that you truly love into your home, and that’s great. Experiences like a holiday or even playing with your child in the garden never take up space or add clutter to your environment. 

Improved Mindfulness
Mindfulness is the concept of being present in the moment. Things can make us feel good for a little while. They rarely bring us true happiness and are often forgotten quickly. Experiences are different. They have a way of grounding you to the here and now. You’re actively involved in the moment, enjoying an event, and connecting with others. You appreciate the moment and that can lead to long-term fulfillment. 

More Gratitude
Have you ever really felt grateful for the new dress you picked up on sale or the big TV you were able to buy? Perhaps you were glad to have these things and did appreciate the ability to purchase them. That’s great, but experiences often lead to a deeper sense of gratitude. With experiences come connections, memories, and activities that bring true contentment. Experiences aren’t as fleeting as things. We often look back on them and feel gratitude. 

In general, you’ll find that experiences bring you greater joy and happiness than material possessions. Investing in experiences complements a minimalist lifestyle. Keep this in mind when moving forward. 


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