The process of letting things go is actually helping me to gain in a number of ways. I am gaining a new perspective, control over my choices, increased calmness, and even more happiness and life satisfaction. Something else that frequently comes along with a new minimalist lifestyle is a feeling of gratitude and I am experiencing that too. 
When you are intentional about the items you possess and the experiences you choose, you’re more aware of them. You’re better able to see what matters most to you, and you value those things. Minimalism can truly teach you to be grateful for what you have. Take a look at what I mean. 

Improved Perspective
Gratitude involves feeling truly content and thankful for what you have. Minimalism lends itself very well to feeling grateful because a minimalist lifestyle is one you’ve created with intention. You can see just why it is you’ve chosen the specific possessions and experiences you have. You’re better able to gain perspective on why these things bring you fulfillment and satisfaction. 

More Time
When you live a life of minimalism and have fewer things, you’ll discover that you have more time to enjoy and appreciate what’s truly important to you. Having fewer possessions and relationships of your choosing frees up your time in a number of ways. You won’t have to spend as much time working to pay for excess materials things and experiences. In addition, you’ll have less maintenance to put in when you have a fewer belongings and even when you choose to engage only with the people who bring you joy. With minimalism, you’re more aware of and grateful for the time you have. 

Increased Contentment
When you choose your things and experiences with intention, you are going to be more content with those choices. You’ve thought them through. You’ve prioritised. Therefore, you’re more likely to feel happy and content with what you have in your life. This is the foundation for gratitude. Less clutter of all kinds provides you with more focus. For example, when there is less physical clutter in your space, you’re better able to actually see what you have and use it in ways that make you feel good. You’ll also experience less stress when you’re not overwhelmed by stuff and you can more easily find the things you need. This space and focus truly enhances feelings of gratitude. 

These are some of the ways in which minimalism has helped me to feel more gratitude for what I have in my life. I know you’ll get similar results as you pursue a minimalist path. 


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