Life can get incredibly busy. Between work, family, errands, and friends, it's sometimes easy to forget about your own mental health and happiness. Most people tend to put others first, like their partner, their family members, or children. With no one to hold you accountable for practicing self-care, you'll find yourself stressed out constantly and under a lot of pressure.
The most important self-care tip is to just take a moment and breathe. If you feel like everything is too much and you're working on ten things at once trying to hold it all together, then maybe it's time for a much-needed break. Of course, we can't just abandon our responsibilities, but you should try to take a step back and put yourself first again. 
Here are seven self-care habits to add to your daily routine which will help you find focus and happiness in everyday life.
Do some form of exercise every day
Finding time and motivation to work out can be a challenge. We all know there's nothing worse than the guilt of that expensive gym membership that you only used twice and are still paying for years later. 
The truth is if you haven't been to the gym in all this time, chances are you're just not going to go. Instead, try to make exercise easy and accessible. Find a sport you can do from home or just go for a quick walk every day. There's no need to put yourself through a grueling daily workout. A 10-minute YouTube fitness video is better than not doing anything at all, so adjust your expectations and do your best.
Surround yourself with supportive people
Do you sometimes feel completely drained and tired after spending time with other people? Some relationships only take our precious energy and leave us with negativity and bad habits. This could be friendships but also relationships with a significant other or family member.
While you can't cut some people out of your life completely, try to reduce the time you spend with them and instead surround yourself with a loving and supportive group of friends instead. You'll notice a massive difference in your own mindset and habits.
Start a journal
A great way to process emotions and track your own mental health progress is to write a journal or diary regularly. Sometimes writing things down helps you understand yourself better and can help ground you in a stressful situation. You also get to look back through your journal months or even years later and see how much you grew and all the things you achieved.
Develop a healthy relationship with food
The constant pressure of losing weight and exclusively eating healthy can be draining. Do you find yourself feeling guilty about how much you ate or binge eating because you can't restrain yourself? You may have an unhealthy relationship with food.
Try to see all foods as neutral, with none being better than others. Let yourself enjoy eating and get rid of any feelings of guilt. Life isn't fun if we never get to enjoy ourselves so let go and find a good middle ground between health and happiness.
Treat yourself to something fun
You don't need to buy expensive things to treat yourself. Even if your budget is tight, you can find a way to have fun and mix up your routine. Diffuse some essential oils you really enjoy or take the whole family out for a day. Think about what would make you truly happy right now, and then take steps to do it.
Do something good for others
Self-care is essential, but sometimes the best way to feel happy and content in life is to help others and not just yourself. This shouldn't only include friends or people in your immediate family. Make an effort to help those in need.
Why not try helping out at your local voluntary organisation or volunteering at a care home for the elderly? Spending some time away from your own problems will help put them into perspective and let you appreciate how lucky you really are.

Keep your space clean and tidy
A messy living space can actually have a significant negative effect on your mental health and productivity. There's nothing like a good cleaning session to make you feel like a completely new person.
This might seem like an overwhelming task at first, so start small and work your way up. Pick one room and slowly work your way around the house. Don't expect it all to happen in one day. Just a few simple tasks like sweeping or tidying up can help make your space a lot more livable and welcoming.
You Deserve Joy
I hope I’ve convinced you to take a few minutes every day to put yourself first. These self-care habits to inspire joy in your life are great ways to get started. Try each one to see which bring you the most joy, then schedule time in your calendar for daily me-time.
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