Simple Pleasures Bring Us Peace

Thank you for joining us on Day 4 of the Peaceful Summer Journaling Challenge. Today we will think about  simplicity.
There is peace to be found in the simplest of pleasures.
Think about all of the activities you participate in each day.
These days, we spend a lot of time using technology.
We check our phones more times than we can count.
Most of our daily doings are, in fact centred around using our smart phones.
Is this actually smart?
It's certainly not peaceful. Think about how you feel on the inside, when the compulsion to check that mini take-along computer strikes again and again.
If you crave simpler times, then do this. 
Just put the phone away.
It's likely that no one will come down on you if a few hours pass before you check messages.
No one can do anything to you if you miss a call.
The first step we can take as we immerse ourselves in blissful simplicity, is to free ourselves from technology. 
With your phone set aside or maybe even shut off… how do you feel now? 
Are you any closer to feeling peaceful?
Next, think of all of the activities you used to joyfully partake in before technology took over your life. 
What are they? 
What simple things ground you and bring you a deep, abiding sense of peace and contentment?
Here are some pastimes that may help once again gain that elusive sense of peace.
  • Crafting
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Exploring nature
  • Reading a great book
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Showing love to your pets
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
What do all of these things have in common? They engage the creative mind. 
What happens to your brain when your inner muse and maker wakes up and becomes connected?
When we set to certain tasks that engage both our hands and mind, something amazing happens. We zone in and are able to relax. A sense of peace comes over us.

There is no better therapy than putting the mind and hands to work creating or building something useful. 
Working for a purpose also delivers a sense of peace. 
It's as though we are wired to make a difference in the world by way of our skills.

EXERCISE: Rediscover the joy of simple, peaceful pleasures.

 What type of creative work do you love to get lost in? 
What activities can you do to feel calm?
Are you musical? Do you sing or play an instrument?
Set aside some time for musical enjoyment each day. It doesn't have to be a big, looming goal. No one is telling you to join the glee club if that's not in the cards for you right now.
The key here is keeping it simple. Put on your favourite songs and sing along. Tap out a tune on the piano, if you play

For now, just bring yourself to that musical place each day, for some peaceful enjoyment.
Painting can be fun. Your love of colour can translate to a small, simple home improvement project

If you've got acrylic paints lying around, this could be your next fun activity.
What if you're not especially creative? What will your act of simple engagement be?
We talked about pets. Do you have a dog or cat?
Today, set aside just 15 minutes to lavish attention on your special furry friend.
What would really make your pet's day great? 
Would your pet love a belly rub and a good brushing?
Would your pet enjoy taking a walk around the block with you?
Would a favourite treat and some hugs make your pet feel good today?
Share some quiet moments with your pet. Feel the peace flowing from your heart to the heart of your faithful friend.
 For today's journaling challenge, make a short list of activities that bring you the greatest peace.
  • Describe the activity.
  • Explain why it makes you feel good to do the activity.
  • When was the last time you did this simple thing that you love to do? If it's been a while, what's been stopping you from enjoying this activity?
  • If time is an issue, how can you do your day a bit differently to make time for your special activity that you love? Is there something that you can consolidate or let go? Make a plan for positive change!
  • What supplies do you need to get started with this simple pleasure once again?

For the Future:

 Select one activity from your list. Set an intention to do this simple thing at least once per day. It needn't be something complicated. 
Maybe you don't feel that painting is something you'd want to do every day. That's okay; just select another simple pleasure that you enjoy. Do that instead.
Another option: give yourself a daily gift: an hour of peaceful engagement in the activity of your choosing. You can rotate through your favourites, if you like.
For example, on any given day you might choose between reading a book, drawing in your sketch book, writing for pleasure, or just playing with your dog or cat if you like.
During this hour, let your mind relax and unwind from the pressures of the day. 
Do not permit any person or plan to detract from your activity that you enjoy. Schedule it in just like any other planned event you might attend.
Your mind and soul are crying out for more peace and contentment in your life! 
This is a simple way to offer yourself these gifts.

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