A Time for Quiet Reflection


Welcome to Day 5 of our Peaceful Summer Challenge. Today we will make time for quiet reflection.
How often do you take a moment to sit quietly with your thoughts?
The world turns at a very fast pace in our modern times. We're driven by communication and constant messages from the media, friends, people trying to gain our business.
To attract more peace into your life, you must first embody what peace really is.
You might feel like people want to rush you through your life's moments. 
Everyone wants you to commit, answer, make a decision.
Don't give in to them. Being at peace with one's self means taking the time you need to live right.
It is summer, and the delights of the great outdoors are a healing balm for body and soul.
If you've been feeling pressured to do and be all things to all people, stop and reassess.
Take a breath. It's summer. A time to slow down and engage with all of your senses.

EXERCISE: Find peace in the poetry of Mary Oliver. 

Have you heard of Mary Oliver? She writes some of the most beautiful, simple yet poignant poems. 
Mary Oliver delights her senses in the beauty of nature, and then transmits her thoughts to paper for others to enjoy.
Many of Mary Oliver's poems are born from quiet walks through the woods.
If you enjoy poetry, look at Mary Oliver's poems - I Worried, The Summer's Day. Savour and ponder them when you're hungry for a peaceful respite.
Do you enjoy writing? 
Take a walk in nature. Tune your senses in to the magical world around you. 
  • Look for colours, movement. What tiny creatures may be hiding in plain sight?
  • Be mindful of nature's music. What do you hear?
  • Catch a scent on the wind. Does moss have a smell? Let your nose delight in the intoxicating aromas of the woods.
  • Sample a taste of raspberries growing wild if you find some. Sweet, yet tart to the tongue. The flavour of summer. 

JOURNAL IT. Think about on your connection with nature.

Set aside quiet time after your walk in the wild. Put pen to paper. (A computer screen won't do for this exercise.)
Describe what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted.
Reflect on how you felt before and after.
Did you set out resenting the activity? Once you let go, did you feel more peaceful? 
What about this experience brought you peace, and why?
Did you feel more connected to people and events in your daily life, once you returned from your brief respite? 

For the Future:         

Bring peace to your own soul and to those around you with a daily gift of quiet reflection.
Each day, set aside about an hour, or as long as you can, to focus on things in the physical world. It doesn't always have to be outside in nature, though it can be.
You may have a space in your home meant for restful repose. Maybe it's a lovely room with pale-painted walls and sunlight streaming through the window. 
There might be a comfy couch; a bookshelf of good reads; and a little wooden table that just fits your tea cup and a dish of cookies. 
You are not permitted to look at your phone or log into tech of any kind, during this time spent in your special place of reflection. 
If you have children, bring them along to share quiet time with you. 
They may engage in their own, peaceful activity such as colouring, reading or drawing.
Your space or situation may not look like this at all. This is your time and your special place so choose a spot that brings you peace. You could be a fireside sitter. Indulge in your need to be beside the flickering flames, and just let your mind wander.
The activity should not involve complicated instructions or anything that requires you to move out of your peaceful head space.

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