What Does it Mean to Have a Peaceful Heart?

Thank you for being here on Day 8 of this lovely, Peaceful Summer that we get to share, together.
Today we will ponder what it means to have a peaceful heart.
A peaceful heart is a happy heart. 
A peaceful heart is an optimistic heart.
A peaceful heart is a forgiving heart.
A peaceful heart accepts others in all of their perfect imperfection.

Does your heart feel peaceful today?
Does your heart know peace every day?
We can't possibly feel peaceful all the time. But surely we can focus on ways to bring more peace to our minds and hearts, so that others may know peace through us.
Love is patient, love is kind. Peace and love… a cliché for sure, but they're natural companions.
Where there is peace, love abounds.
Let's think of ways we can be peaceful toward friends and family.
We can show peace by…
  • being patient.
  • listening without judgment.
  • offering a kind word.
  • forgiving each other.
  • silencing our complaints.
  • not criticising.
  • offering benefit of the doubt.
  • practicing humility.
  • showing others politeness and courtesy.
We live peacefully when we do to others as we would have them do to us.

EXERCISE: Seek a peaceful heart.

Think of someone in your life who embodies the picture of a peaceful heart.
What about them feels peaceful to you?
Is it their quiet manner?
Do they speak softly, and choose their words with care?
Does your peaceful friend show a mild expression?
What else does this person do that makes them peaceful to you?
Think of someone with whom you may have lost touch due to a conflict or misunderstanding.
How can you extend peace to this person? 
Will you reach out to them in a gesture of peace and forgiveness?


Write down ways that you showed peace to other people today. 
Describe peaceful moments that you shared with family.
Describe the ways you offered peace to strangers.
If there were times you did not feel peaceful today, what happened? What did you do or say?
What can you do differently next time, in the name of living more peacefully?
Write about the falling-out you had with a friend if there was one.
What can you do to make peace with them going forward?

For the Future:

Set an intention to shift into a more peaceful way of being with everyone you meet.
  • Consider how you can grow in wisdom by practicing peacefulness in all of your encounters.
  • If you have an exchange with someone who doesn't seem peaceful, how can you help to soothe them?
  • If someone takes away your peace, what can you do to return to inner harmony?
  • If you see someone being unkind to others, how can you intervene peacefully?
Practice being peaceful toward others while respecting boundaries. 

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