As 2023 began, my life was turned upside down. My daddy died on Jan 3rd. Any huge life event can bring with it a time of reflection and of taking stock. For me, January was very much that time.
Out of my reflecting came many, many things. I really took a good look at my life and where I want it to go from here. I am someone who can drift along at times without really thinking whether I am living the life I want. Over the last month I have begun to ask myself that question.

One of the things that came up was the new direction I want to bring into my life. Anyone who knew my Dad knows he was happiest when he was helping others. He lived a life of service. That is something I want to bring more of into my life in my own way.
I also decided that if I am providing therapies that I know can help everyone in their every day life, I need to be using them all myself regularly. At the minute, I do have a daily routine that includes oracle cards, breathwork, EFT, flower remedies, mindfulness, oils and crystals. However to really access the true power of all of these things it is better to work with someone else. 
This year, I am going to document my journey through self healing and creating the life I want.
My starting point for this journey is how I feel now as we are almost at the end of January. This week I feel heavy, I feel dark and I feel quite stuck. i am still processing all that has happened. I read things and then feel guilty because I don't feel as the books say I should. I don't know how to feel most of the time!
This week, as I begin this journey, I’m going to talk about my daily breathwork. I have been using box breathing every morning for the last while. To begin with I have found guided sessions – I use Insight Timer and YouTube for these. They keep me focused on days when I struggle. Box breathing is very calming and brings me into the moment. I want to work with developing longer breath holds as I continue. I started with 10 minute sessions but moved to 15 minutes. Next week I am going to try 30 minute sessions. Staying awake was a struggle early in the week but as my focus improved I seemed to manage better. I really feel my day is more calm overall when I start with box breathing.
This week my external session was Reiki and sound healing. Reiki is always very relaxing and it was no different this time. It took me a wee while to let go of the chatter in my brain. I was very much in my head. However, in spite of myself, I did let go of the chatter and the relaxation crept up. I really could feel the energy moving in my body so the reiki was very effective. 
However, the sound healing was on a different level. I was afraid it would be too intense and I would end up overwhelmed but it really wasn’t. I could feel the vibrations in my body. I could feel the sound through me. The tinkling bells were magical and took me to a different place. At one stage I felt I had let go and was floating.
I felt a lot of letting go in the whole session which I needed. I think to get the full benefit of the sound I need to have it regularly so I’m booked for the end of Feb again. I am really excited to see where it takes me. 
After this week I feel lighter. I feel more motivated and focused. I certainly feel I did some letting go this week which I needed. I haven’t been motivated in a while and I’m relieved to feel it coming back. I can see a brighter time coming just like the spring is following the winter. 
In my next post I will update you on my flower remedies this month and my next external session. If you want any more information about anything you've read here, message me.


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