Most of what we do every day is habitual. We begin learning our habits from a very young age. A lot of the things we do every day we don’t even have to think about, we do them automatically. The older I was getting the more things I was doing automatically. My life was becoming automatic. It was time to change my habits.
I began to do meditation but my usual pattern was to start things and then before they became new habits I’d stop doing them. I began doing the meditation at the beginning of the summer 2018. All was fine during the summer but when I went back to work it took way more effort and organisation. During that school year I discovered Positive Paddy and by the beginning of 2019 I was part of two groups, a group that meditated every morning and a group that met once a week. These were people who were on the same journey as me and we kept one another on track. This was the accountability I needed. I realised that in order to really change I needed to work out how to change my habits for good and to stick to the new things I started.
I read and did courses and learned how habits are formed and can be changed. I discovered to change habits I needed 4 things – desire, belief, persistence and accountability

Desire  Changing habits takes work. At some stage we are going to be tired or fed up and it is easy and familiar to slip back into doing what we always did. In order to stick at it we need to really want to change. We need to keep the reasons we want to change and end result fixed very firmly in our mind. Then when we get lazy or discouraged the desire gives us a reason to carry on.
Belief   we need to believe we can change our habit. If we don’t then we will attract failure, we will subconsciously do something to sabotage our efforts.
Persistence   changing habits is hard. We need the persistence or will power to keep at it. There will be times when it’s easier to just do what we always did and it will be persistence mixed with desire and belief that will motivate us to keep going.
Accountability   even with all that it is hard to stay on track. Finding someone who is on the same journey is invaluable. It is harder to put things off or to give up when someone else is checking in with you and you are supporting them
Although I have used oils all through my life, they never had the amazing effects I am experiencing now. I know there are two reasons for this. The first is quality of the products I am using at the minute. Oils I used before weren’t pure and the results were very limited. The products I am using now are guaranteed to be pure and so work much better. I realise too that the use of the oils wasn’t a habit for me. I used them now and again. Although there are great benefits even in occasional use, I have found continued and habitual use has increased the benefits hugely. Because it’s now a habit I use my oils and other products every day automatically and as a result the benefits keep coming.


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