A routine is defined as a series of actions that you do repeatedly. We all have lots of routines we repeat every day. We have morning routines as soon as we get out of bed, we have night time routines and many others during the day. I have already written a blog post about habits and routines are a collection of habits we do every day. There have been many articles written on this subject. Many people have studied and written about the routines of successful people.

Tony Robbins has a very definite morning routine that includes meditation, visualisation and gratitude. He has said this is one of the things that has contributed to his success. 
I’m going to look at some of the things people who are high achievers include in their morning routine.

Get up early – many people who are high achiever in their chosen fields get up early every morning. They use the time to set their day up properly and to prepare for what is to come.

Meditation – When we meditate we take control of our mind. We block out the constant train of thoughts that pass through and we improve our focus. This helps us begin the day with a mind full of calm thoughts. We also carry this with us through the day and if we are stressed or if negativity begins to get us down we have a calm place in our mind to go. 

Visualisation – people who visualise are people with goals and dreams. Spending time in the morning visualising goals has many benefits. It helps us attract the outcomes we are visualising, it focuses our mind and our actions and gives us a drive and a determination to succeed. It also helps us clarify in our own mind what we are trying to achieve. Many people combine the visualisation with journaling. The act of writing out our vision and our plans helps us again to focus on what we are going to achieve.

Affirmations – affirmations are simple positive statements that declare specific goals as completed. They are very powerful on both the conscious and subconscious mind. They can be used to change habits, to change behaviour and to create the reality we want. Having a few specific affirmations as part of a morning routine is very important. 

Gratitude – For me the most powerful part of my morning routine is the gratitude.  It has been scientifically proven that gratitude makes us feel more alive, helps us sleep better, and even have stronger immune systems. When we are grateful for what we have we always have enough. As Ronda Byrne said “The more you use gratitude every day, the greater the good you will bring into your life”

People also include exercise and reading etc in their morning routines.  I have included some of these things in my routine. The other thing I have included in my routine is oils. The benefit of the oils increased greatly when I became consistent with my use. I had great benefits when I used them sporadically but consistent use has changed everything. Every morning I use Endoflex and En-R-Gee first thing. Then before I get dressed I use Valor, Harmony, Joy and White Angelica. Then during my morning routine I use Abundance and any other oil I’m drawn to. This sets me up for success during the day and helps me deal with all the day has for me.


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