Our young people today face many stresses. The world is a beautiful place but can be unfriendly and unsafe for our young. As parents, it is very difficult for us not to be over-protective, not to want to shield them from all worry and stress but in order to learn to cope in the world it is important we support them to navigate through the worries and the stresses they face. We are told we need to protect our children totally from difficulty and solve all their problems but in so doing, we aren’t allowing them to develop coping skills and problem solving skills. We need to help them develop these skills. With mobile phones, it is so much easier for parents to closely monitor young people and step in immediately they are faced with a situation that isn’t planned. This prevents them learning problem solving skills. We are told all the time about how dangerous the world is and it is difficult to get the balance between being over protective and keeping our young people safe.
The things that stress young people haven’t changed but how those stresses look have changed a lot. Young people still want to belong and fit in somewhere.
As teenagers we all wanted to belong and fit in with our friends. Our peer group became the most important group in our lives. We spent lots of time talking and socialising with our friends. In 2020 this has changed. Now children feel these needs much earlier. With the explosion in technology, many of our children are connected to their friends a lot of their waking hours. I think they aren’t getting enough time to develop their own character at home first. They are speaking to their friends and sometimes people they don’t even know from a young age – before they have time to absorb some of the values and learning from people around them who love them totally. They don’t get a chance to feel the complete security some of us were privileged enough to feel when we got home and the world was closed outside the door. They never leave the stresses of the outside world, of being what they think others expect them to be. Family time and family communication have become more difficult to fit in as we are all busier – the adults included.
Young people and children are bombarded by so much information also, and not all of it is true. They have access to so much at their fingertips. They see and hear things that upset or worry them and they don’t know how to deal with it. We have easy access to more information than ever and, at times as an adult, it is hard to decide what is true or necessary for ourselves. Children don’t have the experience or maturity to handle all of it.
Because of all this, young people are experiencing a lot of stress in their everyday lives that we never experienced. For some this is too much and other things, normal stressful situations that always happened in homes become impossible to deal with. Young people need strategies to help them deal with all of this. As parents, I think one of the biggest stressors in many houses is the constant battle with young people around on screen time. It’s a battle in my house. Although we all know the facts, technology is a fact in 2020 and we must, as families, come to agreement about what’s acceptable for our families.  
Personally, I have found that my use of oils every day has helped me deal with all of this more calmly. When I’m calmer, everybody else seems calmer and solutions are easier to reach. I use a lot of Peace and Calming, both on my skin and in the diffuser!
I have also found that oils can help young people through stressful situations in life. In my house, it was exam time. Having a roller ball with Stressaway and Citrus Fresh helped with nerves and stress during study and exams. Focus is also something young people struggle with. I made us a focus roller as well. I know people who have used Stressaway very effectively with smaller children also who are struggling to deal with situations and are having mini meltdowns.
These oils are 100% natural and gently support the body and with consistent use will regulate body systems and support emotions. If you want any more information comment below.


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