For a monthly subscription of €47 you will 
  • work through the Oola bootcamp (1st 4 weeks). This will include the quickstart Oola programme and resources.
  • live fortnightly session where I will teach about topics including  mindfulness, essential oils, angels, breathwork, mindset training etc etc. These will be recorded so you can watch later.
  • accountability and question & answer sessions
  •  facebook group where we will have downloads, tips and accountability. 
  • 5 emails a week. Each day will have a different focus. (see below)
  • mindfulness classes and meditation
  • Angel card readings
  • Breathwork sessions
Daily posts will have a different theme every day
Monday M - mindfulness
Tuesday A - affirmations
Wednesday G - guidance
Thursday I - Inhale (breathwork)
Friday C - Crystals
You will also have access to challenges I will run. You will get early access to all the courses I am creating. You will get reductions on some of the courses and reductions on 1 to 1 coaching fees.

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