Change your Life with Mindfulness
Do you feel you have very little control in your daily life?
Are you reactive rather than proactive?
Do you spend time regretting or reliving the past?
Are your days dictated by the wants and needs of others?
Do you spend your life reacting to external events?
Is your happiness and sense of fulfillment dependent on those around you?
Do you ever panic when you think of the empty nest or even retirement in the future?
Do you spend your days worrying about the future, living out scenarios in your head?

Mindfulness is the answer to all of this.

Join me for an 8-week life changing programme

Make mindfulness part of your everyday life. Stop stressing about the future, regretting or even longing for the past and learn to live in the moment and enjoy your best life.
Mindfulness is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to change your whole life.
Join this course for just €150
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This is an 8-week programme. Every week there will be a 45 minute Zoom call. This will include the information and tools for the week. You will then have to spend 30-45 minutes every day on your own practice. This can be spread out during the day and some of it can be done while you do every day tasks. The course will focus on both formal and informal practices. You will get tools to focus on every week and journaling exercises. You will become aware of both your thoughts and emotions and will become better able to control them.

If you are consistent and commit to the process, you will notice real changes by the end of the 8 weeks. There will also be a private Facebook group for those of you who are on Facebook where you will get extra tips and support. 
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