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Change your life, one breath at a time

Our bodies have a built in wisdom. We know what we need, we know how to heal and transform.

However, the noise and busyness of the modern world mean we no longer have the time, the energy or the space to access the knowledge.
Conscious connected breathing provides the time, the quiet and the space your body needs. With conscious connected breathing you also at least triple the amount of oxygen - life giving energy - you take into your body. Your body knows what to do with the extra energy so all you have to do is breathe and trust the process.

The breath works can be 1 - 1 or in a group. With a 1 - 1 session, we will get a chance to chat about what you want from the session and the music and guidance will be unique to you. 
Conscious connected breathing can also allow us to connect with higher guidance and divine wisdom.
In a group session there will be a theme. This theme will run through the whole session. The collective energy and intentions of the group will add to the experience.

You can book 1 - 1 sessions here on the website, see below, or on social media. Also watch both here and social media for upcoming group sessions. 

1 - 1 sessions cost €75 and a 5 session bundle costs €300.