Gratitude Course
How to develop a gratitude practice that will transform your life
This is a gratitude challenge with a difference. When you sign up for this course you will be guided through 6 months of gratitude and journalling. This will only take 5 or 10 minutes every day but will allow you to develop a strong gratitude practice.

Gratitude is the single thing that will have the biggest impact on your happiness and your life as a whole in the shortest space of time. 

If you've never done gratitude this will help you develop a strong habit, if you practise gratitude regularly or from time to time it will revitalise your practice.

Every week you will get a new theme for the week and some ideas about that theme. You will then get a reminder every day to actually complete your tasks for the week. You can decide whether you want the reminder morning or evening.

You will also get a free Gratitude and Self Reflection journal to download and print.

People who subscribe to my MAGIC group get the posts weekly as part of their subscription.

The fee for the 6 month course is €97