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Nourish your Soul and    Reset your Life 
How to tap into divine guidance and use your own inner resources to transform your life.
  • Do you feel unsure and uncertain in your life?
  • Do you feel sad or disconnected?
  • Have you no idea how or what to change
  • Do you feel you no longer know your purpose, your direction or your worth?
  • Do you settle for and make do?
  • Do you sometimes feel your best days are over?

We were all put here for a reason. Sometimes we look at others and in comparison we can't see our own reason or purpose. 
Society has, in many ways, belittled the purpose and worth of people who, by the measuring stick society uses, are living unremarkable lives. 
I believe, however, there is no such thing as an unremarkable life. The world is a better place for having each one of us in it and if we live the life we choose fully, our being and our influence will make those around us and the whole world a richer and happier place.

As we get older it can be harder to hold on to that passion and enthusiasm for life we have when we are young. As we get to the stage when less people rely on us both at home and even at work, we begin to wonder what our purpose is. The next phase of life looks hazy and even bleak at times. We are sad about the days that are gone and not very enthusiastic about those to come. The beliefs and energy blocks we carry round begin to rule our lives and we become sad, disconnected, even disillusioned and cynical.

I help people rediscover their worth and purpose. Through working with your breath and energy you will discover a wisdom inside that has been drowned out by the noise and busyness of modern life. This wisdom is what your body will use to heal and transform mentally, physically and emotionally. Through meditation and mindfulness, you will connect with the present moment and learn to drown out the noise and so discover your inner happiness. As you go through the process, through the angel cards, you will connect with your spiritual side and will receive guidance and advice from the angels. EFT and Bach flower treatments will combine to help you work on energy blocks and beliefs that are holding you back. The Happy for no Reason sessions will then help you develop that inner happiness.

I offer a 10 week bundle. The proposed outline is below though it can vary from client to client. The sessions or the order may vary depending on client needs and wants.

Free discovery call - A deep dive into all the areas of your life. We will consider some questions about every area in your life - fitness, finances, family, field (career), faith (spirituality), friends and fun. This session will begin with EFT and angel work to help you identify what you want and need.
Week 1 - Strong breathwork session. This session will begin with EFT to begin moving energies.
Week 2 - Mindfulness in every day life part 1 - we will look at why mindfulness is important and then learn techniques we can use every day.
Week 3 - EFT for blocks and limiting beliefs - this is a very powerful session where we will tap through the beliefs and blocks that are holding us back.
Week 4 - Mindfulness in everyday life part 2 - we will assess how mindful we are every day and continue to learn ways to make mindfulness part of our everyday lives.
Week 5 - Happy for no Reason foundation. In this session we will begin to look at building our own home of happiness. We will look at the foundations of our own happiness.
Week 6 - Another EFT session where we will revisit the things we worked on in week 3. This session may also include breathwork and flower essence work.
Week 7 - Angel session. This session will include some angel healing, some meditation with the angels and angel cards.
Week 8 - Breathwork session. This session will be tailored to suit the client/ clients
Week 9 - Happy for no reason. In this sessions we will look at the 4 pillars of happiness - the mind, the heart, the body and the soul.
Week 10 - Guidance for the future - Angel cards in depth and flower essences. You will leave this session with a tailor made flower essence treatment which you will take for a month.
Follow up - you will have 2 further appointments, each a month apart, to revisit the flower essence treatment and adjust it to suit.

Each session will include client check in which will include any goals the group members are working on and any challenges that have come up, a short centring meditation, some EFT, an angel card for guidance, an intutive life coaching card to find out what the group needs to focus on in the incoming week and, if it is not a breathwork session, some breathing exercises.

The sessions will take place on Zoom and will last about an hour. 

The group course cost €297. This includes 2 treatment bottles of flower essences and 6 months membership of MAGIC

Book a no obligation call below and we'll chat. You can see if the programme is something you would like to do.