Journaling is a very popular aspect of self care. It can have a huge effect on your life and can be a tool to use when you want to make changes. 
Some of the reasons journaling is so powerful include
  • It is a reflecting activity, letting you see where you want to make improvements in your life.
  • You can do a brain dump, where you get all the stressful thoughts out of your head and onto paper.
  • It helps you to vent in a safe, private space without fearing judgment.
  • It gives you a few moments of peace and quiet, where you focus on yourself and how you are feeling.
Journaling can be difficult, a blank piece of paper can be intimidating. These journals will direct and guide your writing and help you get the most out of your journaling.

Let it Go Journal
Do you worry about lots of things, some of which you have no control over? Do you find your mind is constantly thinking about what might happen or reliving things that are past?

This journal will help you identify your worries and begin to deal with them. Sometimes writing them down can allow you to stop carrying them in your mind all the time.

Self Care Journal

Self care is a necessity not a luxury. Complete this 30 day challenge and find out what self care practices suit you best and make you feel best. The challenge can be completed over 30 days or over 30 weeks (filling 2 pages every week) - fill what suits you every week.

Spring Journal

This is a beautiful journal that will get you thinking about what you love about spring, your goals this spring and your spring bucket list among other things. 

It has 60 pages and the colours are beautiful. Print it all or choose the pages you like most