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A place where you can learn how to live a balanced, intentional life filled with purpose and happiness.
The M of Magic stands for Mindfulness. Every Monday, you will get some mindfulness information or tips. There will be practical exercises and suggestions as well. This will help you live in the moment and not over think or stress about the past or the future.

The A of MAGIC stands for affirmations. Research shows affirmations are very powerful and successful tools when we want to change our mindset. On a Tuesday we will learn about affirmations and get tips for using them in daily life.

The G in MAGIC stands for gratitude. Gratitude is the thing that will bring the most dramatic results in life. Developing a gratitude practice will bring results very quickly. On a Wednesday the focus will be on gratitude.

The I in MAGIC stands for intention. Thursdays will be focused on living with intention. You will use some of the Oola principles to find  direction in your lives. You will look at your life as it is now and set goals for the future.

The c in MAGIC stands for compassion. On Fridays we will focus on compassion, especially self compassion. You will learn how to treat yourself with compassion and kindness, a skill a lot of us lack.

Other benefits to joining
In the group, I will run free challenges and provide resources you can use. You will also get access to any of the courses I run in the future for a reduced fee. 

MAGIC costs €25 a month. 
How do I sign up?
If you want to join Magic click below.