• Are you someone who craves peaceful moments? 
  • Do you wish to invite more peace into your life especially as we approach Christmas? 
Peace is at the heart of the Christmas season. It's a time to share love and friendship with our fellow humans. 
As another year draws to a close, friends and families  join us in celebration of the wonder of life. 
It's a time to reflect on all of the blessings we've been bestowed… to appreciate dear friends and family with whom we have shared special memories through every season. 
Often in the midst of all of this revelry, Christmas calls us to peace. Our hearts crave quiet stillness; the joy of just being together, sharing space without expectation. 
Sometimes your peaceful Christmas moment comes when you least expect it. It may be while sitting up late watching the tree lights twinkle as wind rattles the window panes.
Maybe this holiday season, you find peace in the kind smile of a stranger.
We think and talk about peace during the holiday season. So now, how about putting peaceful thoughts into action this December? Swing open the door of your heart to discover peace in everyday moments. The Christmas season is a time for celebration, togetherness, generosity, forgiveness… and especially, for inviting more peace into your world.
You are warmly welcomed to join me for the "Peaceful Christmas" 10-Day Journaling Challenge.

This challenge will be perfect to follow along with if you…

  • Recognise that peace is something you very much need to seek out in order to feel grounded and secure.
  • Feel deeply affected by negative people and stressful situations… and want to turn this around. 
  • Carry around with you a sense of impatience or anxiety- knowing deep in your heart that it's time for positive change, and a shift to inner peace.
  • Are drawn to the company of people who carry a certain stillness and grounded peacefulness wherever they go.
  • Know deep in your bones that you are a true empath, and that peace is necessary for you to survive and thrive.
  • Want to truly practice what's often preached at Christmas - and find ways to put peaceful thoughts into action.
  • Deeply hope for more peace - know that this is the real key to your heart's happiness - but aren't sure of where to start.
  • Know that real, inner peace, is the key to living fully-- and that peaceful people are often healthy people.
  • Seek a mindset shift from "Do more, be more" to "Live more mindfully. Notice more. Feel more. Share peace with your fellow humans, not just at holiday time, but each and every day.

In THE Peaceful Christmas 8-Day Challenge, we'll seek and find peace by…

  • Taking time each day to ground ourselves in nature
  • Becoming aware of our reactions and responses and how these can either draw us closer or pull us away from peaceful moments
  • Realising that peace is often found in the simple things
  • Discovering special Christmas pleasures and pastimes that bring us peace
  • Recognising the people who pull us farther away from peace, and how to step back from their influence
  • Setting aside time each day for quiet reflection 
  • Journaling about what it means to be peaceful
  • Identifying the people and things in our everyday lives that bring us the most peace
  • Inviting others to share peace with us
  • Patching up difficult relationships that often resurface at this time of year… and offering a sign of peace
  • Searching for ordinary ways to bring peace to other people
  • Knowing that real peace begins inside of our own hearts