Simplify Your Life
4 weeks to create a simpler, happier, stress-free life.
Is your life over-complicated?
Do you feel like you are juggling all the time?

In this course you will learn how to take control of your life, how to make every day into a great day. 
No more settling for mediocre. It's time to start creating your perfect life regardless of what that looks like for you.
You will create routines over these 4 weeks that you can use again and again. You will learn tools and strategies that will start to improve your life immediately.

    We start on Mon Sept 6th at 7pm. Each session will last an hour. The course                                                                          costs €60.

Some years ago I was living, what looked like from outside, a great life. I had a great family and a job I loved. 
However I was stressed, I was controlled by what was happened externally and I spent my time reacting mindlessly to people and events around me. 
I spent my time looking for happiness - when this or that happens I'll be happy. I overspent, I made assumptions about what others were thinking and I spent a lot of time overthinking everything. 

In this course you will learn some of the strategies I used to turn my life around. 
You will create simple habits and routines that will be the beginning of you taking control of your life. 
You will then be better able to deal with things life throws at you whether that is teenagers leaving home, changes in work or whatever. Your life will become simpler. You will be focused on the things that matter to you and you will feel more in control. Life will become better and better.

It took me a long time and a lot of research, studying and reading to find the tools I needed and I will share them with you in this course. If you commit to the simple tasks you will begin to see the changes in 4 weeks.

What are you waiting for?
I can't wait to get started.

Marie xxx

Week 1 : You will learn about mindfulness - what it is, how it can help you and some mindful exercises. You will also learn about habits so you can begin to create a mindful habit.

Week 2 : You will learn about happiness - the 5 things that you need to focus on to be happy and some strategies and exercises so you can improve your happiness. You will also learn some new mindful exercises and experience some simple meditation.

Week 3 : The focus will be on gratitude. You will learn the huge benefits of gratitude and you will do some exercises and learn techniques so that you can make gratitude part of your daily routine.

Week 4 : You will learn ways to build your new skills into everyday life. You will also learn some breathing techniques you can use to reduce stress levels so that you can continue to take control of your life.