Sleep Support

How to use oils to support better sleep.



Sleep is a vital ingredient in a healthy life. Getting enough sleep helps all our body systems. Sleep helps strengthen our immune system. With the pace of modern life and all the conveniences we have available to us, getting enough restful sleep has become difficult at times. Switching off completely and leaving down technology is vital for proper sleep. Some other things that can be used to aid sleep are mindfulness and essential oils. 

Meditating in the evening helps us clear our mind of the worries and the concerns of the day. It relaxes us for the sleep ahead.

Essential oils for sleep

Diffusing essential oils in the bedroom can help you relax. Using them topically on your wrists, your neck or your temples also can help you relax. 
Essential oils that support sleep include Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Dreamcatcher, Stress Away and Peace and Calming.
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