Soul Nourishing Programme
How to tap into divine guidance and use your own inner resources to transform your life.
  • Do you feel unsure and uncertain in your life?
  • Do you feel you no longer know your purpose, your direction or your worth?
  • Do you settle for and make do?

We were all put here for a reason. Sometimes we look at others and in comparison we can't see our own reason or purpose. 
Society has, in many ways, belittled the purpose and worth of people who by the measuring stick society uses are living unremarkable lives. 
I believe, however, there is no such thing as an unremarkable life. The world is a better place for having each one of us in it and if we live the life we choose fully our being and our influence will make those around us and the whole world a richer and happier place.

I help people rediscover their worth and purpose. Through working with your breath and energy you will discover a wisdom inside that has been drowned out by the noise and busyness of modern life. This wisdom is what your body will use to heal and transform mentally, physically and emotionally. Through meditation and mindfulness, you will connect with the present moment and learn to drown out the noise and so discover your inner happiness. As you go through the process, through the angel cards, you will connect with your spiritual side and will receive guidance and advice from the angels. 

I offer a 10 week bundle. The proposed outline is below though it can vary from client to client. The sessions or the order may vary depending on client needs and wants.

Week 1 - A deep dive into all the areas of your life. We will consider some questions about every area in your life - fitness, finances, family, field (career), faith (spirituality), friends and fun.
Week 2 - Strong breathwork session.
Week 3 - Mindfulness in every day life part 1
Week 4 - Accelerators and blockers
Week 5 - Mindfulness in everyday life part 2
Week 6 - Self kindness
Week 7 - Meditation with colour, light and energy
Week 8 - Breathwork session
Week 9 - Awareness
Week 10 - Guidance for the future - Angel cards in depth

Each session will include a client check in which will include any goals the client is working on and any challenges that have come up, a short centring meditation, an angel card for guidance and, if it is not a breathwork session, some breathing exercises.

The sessions will take place on Zoom and will last about an hour. 

A 1 - 1 course costs €500 and group courses cost €200

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