Spring Clean for your Soul
A challenge that will Transform your Life
Spring Cleaning for Your Soul
Ahh, spring. It's a time of rebirth, renewal... a fresh start and a return to life.

Much like the plants that have shed their outer layers to reveal new growth living beneath the surface, spring can be a great time to cleanse our minds and hearts of outdated habits, attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us.
In doing so, we can clear the path to developing new, smarter ways of being that are more in support of who we are and what we value most.
Do you feel like spring is the perfect opportunity to relieve yourself of inner burdens that weigh you down? Would you like to use this joyful time of renewal to bring renewed faith and life to your world-weary soul?
With each year that passes, nature undergoes a miraculous process of change... 
Why not make this the spring that you also begin a process of change, a process of clearing out the mindset and habits that are holding you back, a process of decluttering your mind of negativity, regret and worry? Make this the first step on your journey of transformation.

How does it work?
15 day challenge
For each session of our 15-Day Challenge, we will engage in a Daily Reflection or set of thoughts to ponder. Next we will take part in a journaling exercise to apply those good thoughts to our individual life and circumstances. And finally, we'll set an intention to focus on for the coming months, that will gradually become habit.
The following exercises will be covered in our 15-Day Spring Cleaning for Your Soul Challenge:
Day 1: Freshen Up Your Perspective
Day 2: Lighten Up Your Outlook
Day 3: Clear Away Worries
Day 4: Purge Your Regrets
Day 5: Clean Up Your Chaos
Day 6: Scrub Away  Guilt
Day 7: Buff and Shine Your Attitude
Day 8: Organize Your Mental Clutter
Day 9: Simplify Your Schedule
Day 10: Make Room for Gratitude
Day 11: Declutter Your Relationships
Day 12: Cleanse Your Soul
Day 13: Plant the Seeds for Positive Change
Day 14: Nurture Joy in Small, Everyday Moments
Day 15: Repurpose Your Life

Each day's information and task will be delivered , in the morning, by email. You can then complete the task whenever suits you. For the 15 days, you will need a journal or a notebook. The cost of the challenge is €19. This 15 day challenge will be transformative. With all that is going on, now is a great time to spring clean your mind and your attitudes.