Summer Transformation
A Three-week Programme to Kickstart your Perfect Life
Do you wish you had some tools you could use to help you deal with the stresses and difficulties life throws at you? 

Have you a goal you've been meaning to tackle for a long time - maybe a fitness goal or a weight loss goal or maybe you want to sort out your finances or spend more time as a family or maybe you want to declutter your home or start meditation?

Maybe you just want to evaluate your current life and see where you can make changes. 

Either way, I have put together a three week intensive programme. The programme will involve analysing where your life is right now. You will then decide on some goals inthe 7 key areas in life - fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun. The final week will involve working out how you will make these goals part of your daily life. 
A big part of the programme  will also be an introduction to some of the things I include when I work with people. Each week we will have a Zoom session which will contain examples of mindfulness exercises, EFT exercises, meditation, happiness exercises and breath work. This will build up into a collection of strategies you can use every day to help you create the amazing life you deserve no matter what's going on around you.

Each week, you will get an email. The email will contain some sheets for you to consider and fill out in your own time. There will also be some information/ activities for you to complete. In the Zoom call every week where I will demonstrate and lead you through strategies you can use every day to begin creating the stressfree happy life you deserve. The zoom calls will be recorded and emailed to you so you can watch them at your leisure. Anybody who signs up can also have a private call with me at some stage to discuss their goals or the topics we cover. 

The summer is a great time to begin this journey. This is a simple, non-threatening way to try out life coaching, mindfulness, EFT and positive psychology.

The 3-week programme costs €75
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What Is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique?
EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Techniques.” This is an extremely effective self-help method known as “tapping” or “meridian tapping” that is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques are beneficial for releasing negative thoughts, and behaviours which have become stored in our bodies on a cellular level. For more details, click here.

We’re only just starting to appreciate all the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Studies have shown that with regular practice mindfulness can have long-lasting positive effects on your mental and physical health. There are many compelling reasons why you should seriously consider incorporating mindfulness into your life. Read about them here

Positive psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology that shifts the focus from what is clinically wrong, to the promotion of wellbeing and the creation of a satisfying life filled with meaning, pleasure, engagement, positive relationships and accomplishment. Blog post to follow

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